How to open a payza account

How to create a payza account - While it's definitely important to verify your account,{"loggedin":false,"search":{"token":"ogu0zjmznde5yjixmdvlzgfmngu2nzq2odjjzge0ntgwztfkntqxzjzmodjhmwjmytc3zwqyotgxnwy5mwfimnrhz0zpbhrlcnm9chjvamvjddo1n2m4ndzhmjq0mzqzntblmda1mdk5yjcskghpzgrlbjpub25llghpzgrlbjpmywxzzskskhzlcnnpb246bm9uzsx2zxjzaw9uoju3yzg0nmeyndqzndm1mguwmduwotliysk=","filters":"tagfilters=project:57c846a24434350e005099b7,(hidden:none,hidden:false),(version:none,version:57c846a24434350e005099ba)","app":"t28ykfatpy","modules":{"landing":true,"docs":true,"examples":true,"reference":true,"blog":false,"discuss":true,"suggested_edits":true}}}. You log in to your payza account for the first time, you'll see a prompt asking you to complete your payza account profile:Clicking the “complete profile setup” link will open a pop up where you'll be asked a few questions about yourself:Simply fill in your work details, address, phone numbers, and date of birth, then set up a security question and answer along with a transaction pin. While it's definitely important to verify your account, to set up your payza personalized avatar for increased security, and to connect a bank account or credit card to your account for quick and easy deposits and withdrawals, the first thing you should do is complete your payza account profile. Must complete your account profile before you can transact money using payza, so apart from validating your email address, it really is the first thing you should do after you open an account.

How to Create and Verified Payza Account | Bangla Tutorial ✔

In this Video i will show you How to Create and Verified Payza Account.If you want to create your own Payza e-wallet,then this ...