How to publish online book

Amazon online book publishing - Well, in today's democratized publishing world, there are an increasing number of payment and delivery platforms that allow an author to sell their own books while side-stepping the kindle tax, while also allowing them to truly own the customer (remember: amazon always owns the customer, especially since authors never know who is buying their books). The arrival of turnkey self-publishing in the form of amazon's kindle platform that enables an author to instantly start selling their books on the world's biggest book marketplace, authors big and small have realized that they no longer need big publishing in order to get their works out into the world and start making money. Find out what authors need to know about reading the radar—when to get your kite into the air, and when to head for cover—we interviewed select industry experts and key players in the indie e-book marketplace: authors in ponchos, galoshes on the ground, doers not theorists. “there could be glitches on the amazon site, your mailing list server could go down, your book might be flagged for some kind of review, or—as happened with my last release—the genre could be flooded with backlist titles from a huge name on launch day.

How To Self-Publish Your eBook on Amazon Kindle in 4 Minutes (Make Money Selling eBooks on Kindle)

This video is a great overview of how to self publish an eBook from a Microsoft Word document directly to Amazon. Once it's ...