How to put money on ebay

How to collect money on ebay - Helpsearching & researchingfinding itemsmanaging your resultsbidding & buyingbuying basicsall about biddingmanaging your buying activityresolving buying problemsbecoming an informed buyerselling & seller feesselling basicsseller fees & invoicescreating effective listingsmanaging your selling activityresolving selling problemsbecoming a better sellerusing selling toolsselling with an ebay storepayment & shippingpaying for itemsreceiving paymentpacking & shipping itemsfeedbackall about feedbackmembership & accountgetting started on ebayregistration and account infosharing with ebay membersprotecting your accountrules & policies. (does not search for items or products) searchtipschecking on paypal payments sent to youin this articlechecking the status of a paypal paymenthow long will it take for the money to appear in my account? You need to have ebay and paypal accounts, but if you don't, you'll be given the opportunity to register on ebay and sign up for a paypal account when you purchase an item. (does not search for items or products) searchtipspaying with gift certificates, coupons and gift cardsin this articleabout e-gift certificates, gift cards, and couponsredeeming an e-gift certificate, gift card, or couponebay coupon tipsother terms.

Where do I enter my eBay Gift Card Codes? - JunoWallet & BambooWallet FAQ's

So You redeemed your Free eBay Gift Card now where do You Enter your Redemption Code? & BOOM Here is your Answer!