How to raise funds online

Websites to raise funds - Jeanie finlay says in her post, adventures in crowd funding, “when i launched the first campaign, i simply put up the trailer and we raised about 10 pence… i made a new trailer with me pitching the film… it made a world of difference. This guide shows how you can use the internet to achieve your fundrasing goals, including: improving fundraising skills; searching for news and information about funding; carrying out research to support funding applications; developing your website for raising funds online. Fundraising is often considered the preserve of large national charities such as comic relief but as more and more people are willing to donate or spend money online there are opportunities for charities and causes of all sizes. Large proportion of the population is now happy to spend money online, so make sure you're ready to receive it and use an online payment system to take funds and add gift aid (for registered charities).

Raise Money Online with GoFundMe

Learn about crowdfunding and raising money online with GoFundMe, the world's most popular fundraising website. Over B ...