How to run a successful ebay store

How to run a magazine business - Agree that ebay and amazon are best market place to start your your business and to get to know which product you can sell and how buyer reacts to your your product, this are best platform to gain experince and knowledge to start your own business, however you cant make it as a long term business option, i was selling on ebay and i know how difficult it become after certain period of time, for example say you sell 600 items in a month with profit margin of around 10% after deducting 15 to 20% of ebay and paypal final value fees( please note i have not added insertion fees in it) ok so i sell 600 items in a month out of which i got 10 item not received disputes, 10 item not as discribe disputes, 2 negative feedback 2 neutral feeback, on every inr, negative, neutral and god know what more things (item not received dispute) ebay give you defect and in paticular month your defects should not exceed more then 5% i can go indepth of it however it will take my whole day and night to explain in detail, my point is ,yes sells volumn is very high however my profit after all this is only 5% ( i didnt include my work force and other things in it), ok some sellers can bare with this too as sell volumn is very high on market place, however what is guarantee that i will be not out of business next morning i wake up, beleive me while selling on ebay i had sleepless nights all time near pc waiting to check and praying please no buyer open dispute today or leave me bad feedback because today there mood is bad. Agree with russell williams everything he said is the same thing i've been saying to everyone that down to ebay yes ebay has a lot of problems and yes ebay is not the best way to do business but it is one of the most successful way to do it nobody can compare to ebay or amazon traffic they bring you in for the trouble that you have to go through to get your own traffic it's nearly impossible unless you have a lot of money and a lot of time to spend so one that has done websites that have been decently successful i know what works and what doesn't ebay does work but just like other people have said have a website have many other options besides ebay or amazon because at any given time they can suspend you for reasons unknown or for reasons that are not or do not seem fair at all. Left my job and started selling on ebay thinking i will be my own boss, however one morning i find that still i am employee of ebay difference is i am paying them for working under them as well as i dont know when they will kick me out and i will be without business. "[most ebay sellers] don't think of their businesses as business, and they don't come from business backgrounds, and they tend to make mistakes in their business practices based on this lack of experience," says jim griffith, ebay's senior manager of seller advocacy and the author of the official ebay bible.