How to sell a lot on ebay

Job selling on ebay - /photodisc/getty images related articles 1 [ebay auctions] | how to link your ebay auctions to other auctions 2 [ebay] | how to link ebay to a website 3 [buyer] | how to send a buyer on ebay one invoice for several items 4 [items] | "how to sell items on ebay using the ""buy now"" method" when you have several similar or identical items you want to sell on ebay, it often makes sense to put them all into the same listing. [time] | the best time to list ebay items [listing designer] | how to use the listing designer on ebay [sales page] | how to create a sales page on ebay [ebay buyer returns] | what can i do if an ebay buyer returns a defective item [ebay] | can you take down a listing on ebay after you post it? [gallery picture] | how to make a border around an ebay gallery picture [market research] | how to do market research for ebay also viewed [studio kit] | how to take pictures for ebay items using a studio kit [phone] | can i use my phone to list an item on ebay? Additionally, sorting through a bulk lot of products to find rare or unusual items is a lot of fun, and it is possible to sell unwanted items to make back some of the initial purchase price or to make a charitable donation.