How to sell a small business online

How to sell your business online - It is not necessary to hire a business broker, who may charge as much as a 15 percent commission on the sale price of the company, a broker will spend the time vetting buyers, ensuring confidentiality of the process and answering questions so you can focus on making money, house said. Diligent buyer is going to want up to five years' worth of profit and loss statements, bank statements, tax returns, leases, supplier and vendor contracts, and customer data, said barbara findlay schenck, a business strategist and author of "selling your business for dummies. : the best way to pick out serious prospects from the rest is to ask potential buyers questions about how long they have planned on buying, how they plan on financing the business and how much money they have for a down payment. You know you're going to sell, begin transferring assets into your personal name if they will not be sold with the business, such as cars, intellectual property and real estate, so they're off the expense column of the balance sheet, schenck said.

How to sell your small business

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