How to sell ebooks on amazon

How to sell ebooks on amazon - Flip side of this is since the customers on amazon aren't really yours, you don't even know who they are, and can't market to them directly, unless you get them to opt in to your email list, interact with you on social media, etc. .When interviewed on the smart passive income podcast nathan stated that when selling his books on his own site, he was able to price them based on the value he felt they offered, without being penalized by them being higher than the lower prices suggested by amazon. Eisler especially recommends godin's book, saying that “the concept of what a customer gives you permission to market and where you're counterproductively overstepping your bounds is hugely important to bookselling, and this short book should be on any self-published author's short list. Recently published a book (kindle and paperback) called “how to propose without screwing it up: 50 common mistakes you won't know you're making and how to avoid them” and i am absolutely shocked as how well a very targeted book like that is selling.

How To Self-Publish Your eBook on Amazon Kindle in 4 Minutes (Make Money Selling eBooks on Kindle)

This video is a great overview of how to self publish an eBook from a Microsoft Word document directly to Amazon. Once it's ...