How to sell things on instagram

How to sell stuff on instagram - A shopper tagged her friend in a picture of a vintage dress form on the hinge instagram site, wilson left a public message thanking the shopper and gave her a gift card to use on her next purchase. Business through instagram is all about engaging with your customers, says wilson, who has alerts set up on her phone to let her know if someone likes a picture or posts a comment. : amanda wilson, engagement on instagram, hinge home decor, hinge instagram, instagram, instagram for business, instagram marketing, instagram roi, retail on instagram, sell on instagram, selling on instagram, social media, social media marketing. “i want my customers to be happy because they're more likely to come back to our instagram site or our store when they need something in the future.

How to Sell Products On Instagram

These are 3 tools you can use to sell products directly on Instagram. There are pluses and negatives to each platform. Choose the ...