How to start an email newsletter business

Possible businesses to start - … i agree with the part about social media, and how the blog works like a big online newsletter (and i'm totally going to use that explanation next time someone asks me what a blog is – so thanks for that :)) … but, i also subscribe to your blog via rss (a quick view > source showed me what i needed) and, the first notification i received for this post was via your email list – which, whilst technically might not be a newsletter, was certainly sent via the medium you're saying is stuck in 2005 and used by old fuddy-duddies! I wanted to make this post a really comprehensive guide for anyone starting a newsletter, i've broken it up into three parts, which you can skip between if you like (click the links below to skip to the most relevant part):how to start your email newsletterhow to collect email addresses and build your mailing listhow to create & send your first newsletterhow to start your email newsletterwhen starting a newsletter, we need to go through a few simple steps, which i've illustrated in the following graphic. I was confused by this post as it seemed to me jon was saying list building / email marketing doesn't work anymore now we have social media yet he sent me this blog post via email then i see he's saying ‘newsletters' don't work as if somehow signing up for a newsletter is any different to signing up to a list where updates when blog posts are sent out…it's the same thing with a different name and slightly different way of doing it. First i thought you were saying that blogs didn't need email lists at all which was ironic seeing as i received this post via email then i see you are just saying don't need a ‘newsletter' but a newsletter can just be a round up of posts or some exclusive non blog content (a good reason for people to sign up) so it's just semantics really isn't it?