How to start an it business

How to start it consulting business - Given an entrepreneurial bent, and a willingness to tolerate (or perhaps even enjoy) self-employment, this is not strictly necessary for your success, but you would undoubtedly benefit if you were to acquire a degree in computer science, management information systems, or business because of the things you can learn thereby that would equip you better to realize your aspirations to find and manage a successful constancy (which perforce involves managing growth, money, and other people, as well as yourself). It will also allow you to better understand the kinds of tools that microsoft offers for businesses to use to improve their productivity and profitability (such as lync server, sharepoint, business intellgence, and so forth) to help you suggest better uses of technology to clients, and then to implement and maintain such solutions on their behalf as part of your growing consultancy. " this will serve you well going forward, as you position yourself to attract the kinds of clients and customers who can help you realize your goal of starting up, running and owning "an it consultancy of my own" as you put it in your email to me. When you get to the point where you are managing people as your primary responsibility day-to-day, and can turn sales over to a talented and qualified professional to help business keep coming through the door, then you can think about pursuing a bachelor's and/or mba.

How to Start Your Own I.T. Business - Computer Repair Business

So you wanna start your own computer repair business? In this video we go over what it takes to start your own I.T. Business.