How to start and run your own business

How and what business to start - How to start and run your own corporation will help you understand: * which business structure might be best for you * how to decide between an s-corporation and a llc * how to choose your state of incorporation * how to form your own corporation * s-corporations * par value and no par value stock * issuing shares * stock basis * valuing a small business corporation * financing a corporation through equity and loans * attracting angel investors for your corporation * shareholder s-corporation basis and the aaa * filling out the 1120s corporate income tax return * special issues for one-person corporations * the role of bylaws and corporate minutes * the role of directors and officers * withdrawing money from your corporation * social security/unemployment insurance on officer salaries * qualified retirement plans, simple-ira, sep-ira * the one-person 401(k) * worker's compensation exemption for officers * how to minimize your taxes * how to prevent your corporate shield from being pierced * tax saving strategies for your corporation. My offering up all of these tips for you, perhaps the most important piece of advice is something learned the hard way: while many people may offer a startup assiistance, recognize that in the end you're the person running the show and the one responsible for the company's success and failure. So, trying carefully not to rain on his parade, i suggested to my friend that he complete the following analysis as due diligence on the idea before spending his life savings (and others) to roll out a solution:Are you ready for the startup lifestyle? By the way, if team experience and resources are the only limitation, it is better to give your idea away to a qualified group, rather than selfishly sit on it, or run it and yourself into the ground trying to make it work.


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