How to start your own business in new york

How to begin your own business - • brooklyn artisans are producing personal and home fashion goods, too: maria castelli's beautiful leather bags, for instance, and alexandra ferguson's carefully crafted cushions with savvy sayings appliquéd on them, a business that she moved out of her mother's garage in westchester county and into industry city, tripling the number of her cushion makers (and still hiring) in less than a year. Among them: “mature entrepreneur planning guide: a practical guide to preparing your business plan,” 46 pages that take you step-by-step through analyzing your idea, writing an effective business plan, registering your business name as a dba (“doing business as”) or deciding whether the business should be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an “s” or “c” corporation. The city and the state not only want new businesses to succeed but they also provide all sorts of helping hands, from incubators to tax benefits and instructions in how to use them, as if to say: if you can make it here…then please do. There it built a thriving business – one scoop or pint or birthday party at a time – with brian smith making all the ice cream himself in a one-person, on-site ice-creamery visible from the street behind a huge picture window: see brian go.

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