How to trade shares for dummies

How to trade for beginners - Get the lie of the land – find out what shares and the stock market are all about, and whether they′re really right for you start out right – discover how to set realistic investing goals and start building a portfolio, as well as how to connect with a great stockbroker who can help you meet those goals pick the winners – learn to separate the healthy companies from the duds, including how to find and make sense of the data you′ll need to make informed decisions develop a winning game plan – learn some of the all–time best value investing strategies and tactics and how to use them to minimise risk while building wealth take advantage of hot new opportunities – get the latest on etfs and other products, as well as tips on investing in emerging markets hold onto more of your money – learn insider tricks for reducing or even eliminating costly transaction fees, and strategies that let you keep more of your gains open the book and find: the ins and outs of share investing how to analyse the key markets tips on finding and building a relationship with a great broker how to pick the winners indispensable investment strategies and tactics proven risk management techniques signs that a share price will increase investing in emerging markets. The book is divided into five parts: part i: the essentials of investing in shares (including common approaches to investing in shares, assessing risks and getting to know the stock markets) part ii: before you start buying (including gathering the right info, finding a stockbroker, investing for growth and investing for income) part iii: picking winners (including decoding company documents, analysing industries and seeking emerging sector opportunities) part iv: investment strategies and tactics (including choosing a strategy, trading techniques, using your broker, and a glimpse at what the insiders do! A dividend is basically a shareholder's portion of the company's profits – for example, a company may offer a dividend of 50 cents per share to its shareholders, so you would receive a total dividend payment of 50 cents multiplied by the number of shares you own. Up with 2%-3% returns on savings being wiped out by inflation, i bought a few hundred shares at a price significantly higher than they were trading this week, though i am holding out for their long-term revival.

How The Stock Exchange Works (For Dummies)

Why are there stocks at all? Everyday in the news we hear about the stock exchange, stocks and money moving around the globe.