How to withdraw money from payza to bank account

How to receive money from payza - You plan to make withdrawals using bank wires and bank transfers, you will need to connect a bank account to your payza account for both options, even if you use the same bank account to make wires and transfers. Indian rupees cannot be held in your payza e-wallet, when you set up a bank transfer withdrawal in india, your foreign currency funds will be converted to rupees before they are sent to your bank account. Be clear: when you connect a bank account for bank wires, you must connect the same bank account again for bank transfers; you will then have both withdrawal options using the same bank account. Our recent blog posts offered tips on how to ensure your bank transactions go as planned and explained how you can use bank transfers and wires to reduce—sometime avoid altogether–transaction fees.

How to Withdraw Money from Payza to Indian Bank Account [2016] | Sourav Roy

If you don't have a Payza Account then Click The Link Below to Create a Payza Account: How to add Indian ...