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How to write an online book - After they refused to give saving rachel – my third novel, written in two weeks – their ‘editor's choice' designation because i wouldn't pay them an additional £1,750 for editing, i terminated our relationship and bought back the rights to my books. Although i've written what could be seen as rather highbrow books, i've always been a fan of popular crime fiction, and i wanted to see whether i could emulate the success of patricia cornwell and thomas harris. Saffina desforges – the pen-name of saffi griffiths and mark williams – has sold 100,000 in less than a year, while writing partners mark edwards and louise voss – whose books include catch your death and killing cupid – have shifted 90,000 e-books. As soon as i saw amazon's e-book reader – a slim, ultra-light device that can store thousands of titles – i realised i'd found the perfect opportunity to try to sell what seemed like an unsaleable novel.

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