How to write and publish a book on amazon

How much to publish a book on amazon - Self-published authors can hire freelance editors to comb their books for typos and grammatical mistakes, but when it comes to structural editing — telling the author the third quarter of a novel is too windy or insisting that the current ending needs to be tossed out entirely and redone, things no writer likes to hear but some writers need to — an editor-for-hire is much less motivated to displease her client even when demanding major rewrites would make for a better book. “big pub basically runs its own monopoly over writers,” a commenter on a new york times article retorted, and i received an email about the amazon-hachette clash in which the writer complained of “the impossibility of a non-nyc writer just getting his foot in the door without sleeping with professors, visiting authors, publishers; without an m. Actually i've a finished novel and thinking to self-publish it in amazon that's why i am searching success stories of self-published authors and the strategies they applied 😀 i'm skeptic about kindle select before but now i've a changed of heart, i wanna try it. Last year, a federal court in new york ruled that five houses, hachette included, had illegally colluded to change all of their e-book sales arrangements to something called the agency model, which would allow them to control the prices at which their titles are sold.

How To Self Publish a Kindle E-book on Amazon's KDP Select -- Join the Self-Publishing Revolution My comprehensive step-by-step course on self-publishing.