Iam a highschool student looking for a job

Where can a highschool student work - There are many jobs in manufacturing and healthcare near the high school where schneider works, for example, so he often talks to students about the range of career options in those fields—from occupations that require a 6-week course after high school to those that require a bachelor's or higher degree. “my feeling is that high school students don't have to know the exact career they want,” says danaher, “but they should know how to explore careers and put time into investigating them and learning about their skills and interests. For example, he says, students can develop good habits by getting to class on time, taking responsibility for their school work, and emailing a teacher if they're going to be absent or late. “starting freshman year, do the absolute best you can in your classes,” says laura inscoe, dean of counseling and student services at wakefield high school in raleigh, north carolina.

How to Get A Job In High School (How to get dat money)

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