Ihave part time job

Ineed part time job - Except at three different places -- monday through wednesday she works eight hours a day at a senior citizens center serving meals, and thursday through sunday delacruz divides her time between two other jobs as a cashier at walmart (wmt) and the wes-t-go convenience store. List below represents the companies that had posted the highest numbers of part-time “any level of telecommuting” jobs during that time period, which means their jobs all offered part-time hours and the ability to work remotely at least some of the time. Related: coal workers become computer coders "many workers who are stuck now with multiple part time jobs can't keep up with high tech skills that are in demand," says bernie baumohl, chief global economist at the economic outlook group, a research firm. Want to work part-time: flexjobs found that millennials, the largest generation in the workforce and vocal proponents of work flexibility, want to work part-time so they can spend quality time with loved ones (55 percent), pursue a creative passion (39 percent), and travel (38 percent).

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