Ilost my juror id number

Lost juror id number - Prospective jurors take an oath to answer all questions truthfully [ccp section 232]; however, most judges will provide individuals an opportunity to answer questions privately when the juror indicates that he or she would be embarrassed or would feel uncomfortable providing a full, complete and truthful answer in the public forum of open court. You have completed and signed the juror response form, you may return the form by mail at the address listed on the bottom of the form, by fax, or scan and email it to the jury assembly room at the court address, fax number or email address on your summons. For example, a juror who had recently lost a child in an alcohol related traffic accident may not feel emotionally detached enough to render a fair and impartial verdict in a case where the defendant is charged with driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. These additional jurors are chosen to avoid having to retry the case should one or more jurors become unable to serve and be excused during the trial (for example, if a juror becomes very ill or experiences a death in the family), leaving too few jurors to decide the case.