Ineed an instagram account

Need an instagram account - .stop losing valuable data (whether by mistake or hacking) on cloudreply thanks for the info kim, i'm on instagram but only for personal use, i shall keep this blog in mind and definitely create an account for my new online marketing business. .13 most commonly asked twitter questionsreply the problem i have with using instagram for business is that i'd have to get a second phone to do so … or am i missing a way to connect to multiple accounts from my one iphone? Know, i probably don't need to say it at this point, but it's so important i will anyway: as with all social media, using instagram isn't about selling your product, but about connecting with your target market. .5 easy ways to sell on social media using imagesreply i compare instagram to a billboard except the people driving on the information highway have a related destination so you have more oportunity to appeal to your niche market.