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Help looking for a job - You need help finding a job — whether it's temporary project work or full-time employment — here are a few ways the creative group can assist you:Personal interaction: once you've submitted your resume to the creative group, you'll meet with a recruiter in your area who knows the local creative market and can walk you through the process of finding the ideal job. Online training: register with the creative group and access more than 8,000 online training courses, including creative and design training programs for adobe software (indesign, photoshop and more), along with sessions that can help you develop vital career skills, like marketing strategy and project management. Everyone from school leavers and graduates looking for their first job through to people who have been made redundant or taking a career break wanting to get back into the world of work, we have it covered. Creative group recruiters function as your personal marketing team, helping you hone your personal brand, giving you access to advice and training, and networking with local employers and hiring managers to identify the best opportunities for you.

Need Help Finding a Job?

Need Help Finding a job? If you're looking for personal, confidential, one-on-one career advice with Mike Palumbo go to: ...