Iwant to sell my photos

Iwant to sell my pictures - Social platforms like instagram and tumblr with built-in audiences can help you reach a wide audience, but there are also photo-sharing sites that can connect you with other photographers where you can build a following and, depending on the platform, sell licenses to use your photos (more on that later). Photographers have a main portfolio site where they can showcase their work and let clients hire them but by adding ecommerce to it, and the ability to accept payments, you can open several more doors to monetization, including selling courses, physical products, and services. You can list your services in freelance directories like fiverr, upwork, or apply to be a shopify expert, selling your photography as a service for decent pay usually involves networking locally since you need to be able to travel to meet clients in-person. There are a lot of stock agencies (actually called microstock to differentiate them from the ones selling images for hundreds of dollars) but you've listed the big 4 which is where a budding photographer would want to get started.

How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money IN HINdI/Urdu

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