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Iwant to work from home in canada - National survey of the attitudes of the south african population towards foreign nationals in the country by the south african migration project in 2006 found xenophobia to be widespread: south africans do not want it to be easier for foreign nationals to trade informally with south africa (59 percent opposed), to start small businesses in south africa (61 percent opposed) or to obtain south african citizenship (68 percent opposed). “there is evidence that even in 1994, the records have shown that foreigners were thrown out moving trains because they are killed of bringing diseases, taking jobs, the same rhetoric we hear today,” jean pierre misago, a researcher at the african centre for migration and society at the university of witwatersrand, said. So even when the zulu king says all foreigners should leave, we know we can lodge a complaint with the south african human rights commission, or we can criticize it in the media,  but we cannot go that route because he has many followers and we fear reprisals and victimisation. Some, like michael neocosmos, director of global movements research at the university of south africa (unisa), recall anti-migrant sentiment in the early nineties, when the new government was in the midst of planning new economic policies and politicians of all stripes began drumming up anti-immigrant sentiment.

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