Iwork from home cortana

Iwork from home online sales - Cortana is set up properly, she can alert you when you need to leave for work or upcoming flights, recommend nearby restaurants, remind you about your next meeting and other events, and lots more. , if you've turned on the meeting & reminder cards & notifications option (in the meetings & reminders option of your notebook), you'll also see your pending reminders on the cortana home page. There's no azure ad account listed, you'll need to go to windows settings > accounts > email & app accounts, and then click add a work or school account to add it. However, you can configure cortana as a button instead, or you can simply disable cortana on the taskbar and still use it with your keyboard or mouse (as explained below).

Holographic Cortana Appliance

This is a concept Cortana appliance I've built. It's basically what I imagined Microsoft's version of Alexa or Google Home would be ...