Investing in the stock market with little money

Investing in the stock market - Injoinbusinessworkplace issuesmanagementhuman resourcesbusiness certificationslaws & regulationscompany culturetechnologyfinding a jobcareer changesinterviewsresumes & cover lettersfrugal livingconserving resourcesfree stuffbargain shopping & price codescouponingbuying usedindustriesservicemarketingretailfinancetechmanufacturinge-commerceaccountinginsurancepersonal financeinvestingbankingtaxesbudgetingcredit & loanscryptocurrenciesgetting out of debtreal estatebuyingrentingsellingscams & fraudself-employmenthome-based businessese-commercemicro jobsfreelance & contract jobsstarting a businessbusiness namesbusiness plansconnect with us. The goal of investing is to make your money grow faster than it would in a typical bank account (especially since savings accounts barely spit out a little more than 0% interest now). Related: 6 stocks to buy and hold for the next decade if you're busy with work, school or the kids, individual stock picking may sound fun, but it's probably not your best bet. They use computer models to figure out the best portfolio mix for you based on your age, income, goals and tax situation and they will invest your money for you.

How to invest in stocks for beginners with little money-stock investing for dummies

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