Investing with little money

Real estate investing with little money - , my response to this is the one nobody wants to hear: put the money in a savings account orĀ savings bond, check out a book about investing from the library, save more money while you read the book, and start investing once you have the 00 minimum to open an account at a big mutual fund house like schwab or vanguard. A somewhat recent college grad who vividly remembers what it's like scraping together part-time income just to have something to invest, i'm hoping i'll be a little more successful at showing you how to invest with little money, than the 60 year-old bankers explaining credit default swaps to fresh faced new hires. Are a few rules of investing which become even more important if you want to invest a smaller amount of money wisely:Pulling the trigger on your first investment is probably the most nerve wracking experience of your entire investment career. The goal of investing is to make your money grow faster than it would in a typical bank account (especially since savings accounts barely spit out a little more than 0% interest now).

How to Invest your Money for Teens and Beginners!

Best Tips on How To Invest your Money as a Kid, Teenager, or Beginner who doesn't have that much capital to start with. This is ...