Investment advice for young adults

Finance advice for young adults - Adults & money surveythe majority of today's young adults care more about financial fitness than physical fitnessthe schwab survey1 on families and money found that the majority of young adults ages 23–28 consider "making better choices about managing money" the single most important issue for individual americans to act on today. More than one in three young adults agree that the single most important action the current administration could take to improve financial literacy in the united states would be to create incentives (or provide additional funding) for states that mandate personal finance in the standard high school curriculum. Moreover, almost two-thirds of young adults say financial fitness is more important than physical fitness, and the majority believe that financial education in school, grades k–12, is more important than both physical education and sex education combined. The nationally representative online survey polled 1,252 young adults between the ages of 23 and 28 using real-time sampling (rts), a marketing research technique in which respondents were recruited in real time from a network of hundreds of prescreened websites.

Financial Advice For Young Adults

It's never to early to start investing. In this video Dave Schlabach gives tips to young people about what they can do to plan for ...