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Investment analysis and portfolio management online courses - Hoursmodule 5: financial mathematicsbasic financial measurestime value of moneybond pricingyield curve analysisprobability distributions and their propertiesmeasuring volatilitycorrelation and regression analysisback to topav_timer 3 hoursmodule 6: fixed income securitiesbonds and their featuresthe fixed income marketplacethe fixed income regulatory environmentback to topav_timer 4 hoursmodule 7: wealth managementinvestor profilingportfolio management and durationintroduction to portfolio riskasset allocation and taxationback to topav_timer 38 hoursmodule 8: asset securitizationintroduction to asset securitizationcredit enhancementratings approach to asset securitizationresidential mortgage backed securities basicsresidential mortgage backed securities prepaymentsresidential mortgage backed securities basic structuresresidential mortgage backed securities complex structuresmortgage backed securitization (commercial)auto loan receivables securitizationcredit card receivables securitizationcollateralized debt obligationsfuture flow receivables securitizationsecuritization of home equity loansinsurance risk securitizationhealthcare receivable securitizationasset backed commercial paper (abcp)project managementrisk managementtaxsupervisionback to top. 7 hoursmodule 1: portfolio management ithe institutional investorthe individual investormoney markets and portfolio managementmanaging portfolios with bondsmanaging portfolios with equitiesportfolio theory: risk and returnportfolio theory: portfolio monitoringback to topav_timer 8 hoursmodule 2: portfolio management iibond valuationportfolio volatility and durationadvanced equity valuation techniquesadvanced portfolio management theoryglobal investing and alternative investmentsindexationstyle investingevaluating portfolio performanceback to topav_timer 9 hoursmodule 3: financial planningintroduction to financial planninganalyzing the resources of the personbasic concepts in financial planningfinancial products for saversfinancial products for investorsthe psychographics and life cycle of the investorgoals and investment objectivestax planningmodel portfolioback to topav_timer 12. Strategies to give you the advantage you needdefine portfolio management and the portfolio management processidentify institutional investors and their specific characteristicsidentify different types of investment instruments used by institutional investorsapply the fiveway model to analyze and understand prospective clients and their needsdetermine how much risk an individual can assume by examining portfolio goalscompare and contrast different types of money market funds, and discuss the specific advantages and disadvantages of eachapply four basic measures to determine the accuracy of stock prices. Topics include: the environment in which investment decisions are made; markets for the purchase and sales of securities; risk and return their measurement and use in the construction of the individual's portfolio; taxation; and the efficiency of financial markets as well as specific investments: debt instruments corporate bonds, federal government securities and municipal bonds; equity investments; put and call options; investment companies; and nonfinancial assets such as real estate, gold and collectibles.

NIFM- Investment Analysis and Portfoilo Management VIDEO- 1 Online NCFM Certification Course ENGLISH

Want to learn how mutual fund managers and other fund managers and analysts manage investments and portfolios of investors.