Is full money system a scam

The full money system scam - Again, you will see the same content as in push money, “please register your click money account below”, the same font, the same call for action on the buttons saying to unlock your account, and similar pressure tactics used to coerce and bait viewers into registering with and funding trading accounts with rogue and unregulated brokers. I'm so thankful for that, now i make money every day online, most of the times my commissions come in the early morning, so when i wake up i get to see a fresh set of online commissions, and that's a great way to start the day. Don't be fooled by the fancy british accent and demeanor of these two paid actors and charlatans, they are well compensated for their performance and are directly responsible for being active participants in what we believe to be one of the nastiest financial scams being peddled online today. They say you have been playing russian roulette with your savings and then getting scammed because you have chosen the wrong system, but now the solution to all your financial problems is at your reach and you can make easy money on auto-pilot while you live your life.