Is it good to buy a franchise

How much is it to buy a franchise - Strong brands matter for investing successcommentsnotify of new follow-up commentsnew replies to my comments notify of new replies to this comment notify of new replies to this comment sort by:   newest | oldest | most votedimanidiot2 years 7 months agoi own a smaller sandwich type franchise with a business partner and cannot tell you what a nightmare it has been. The fdd offers a gold mine of information, like bankruptcy filings by the franchisor, litigation involving the company and/or its executives, the type of training the franchisor offers franchisees, and costs that may not seem obvious, like opening day expenses when headquarters may want you to give away free stuff and do special promotions.  |     reply   hide replies ∧dan b5 years 3 months agoi know a guy who owns 4 mcdonalds & i can assure you that buying a mcdonalds franchise is a ridiculously outstanding sure fire idea………………if you have or can get the mid seven figures price tag & if you already own another mcdonalds. Situations like these are particularly attractive because although franchisees will probably have to put up a portion of their personal assets as collateral for the loan, at least they won't have to zero out their bank accounts or tap retirement funds to set up shop.

Is buying a franchise a good way to get into business?

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