Is there any jobs for 16 year olds

Is there any jobs for 14 year olds - Advice for teensfind the top sites for teen job seekers, plus information on jobs for teens, including how to find a job, where to get working papers, where teens can work, what to wear for an interview, and how to obtain references. Is a fancy way of saying you'll stand in the mall and ask people if they would be willing to answer a few questions but it's a great job for a 16 year old if you like talking to people. Some of these jobs may only be available when the park is open such as during the summer for amusement parks in texas or during the winter for ski resorts in colorado. For instance, if you live in southern california you won't find many jobs for shoveling snow but if you live in illinois that's a great way to earn money.

Good Jobs for Teenagers

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