Items you can sell to make money

Selling items to make money - I want to sell clothing, household items, hand-made items and art work, as well as services and resources such as e-books, e-courses, and one-on-one services such as life and recovery coaching…what is your suggestion for the best way for me to go about organizing this business as far as a platform or site? Do people not consider that the awesome “steal of a deal” they're scooping up left and right to “flip” for pinterest pictures or to make their disney trip cash or whatever they do is almost like actual stealing from the person who shops there, because they literally have no other option? Genuinely poor people wouldn't have a darn thing on this list to sell which leads me to believe that the folks who could write about or benefit from this information are not in the same reality as the people who really need those clothes. In mind that selling some of these items will require you to take a loss – meaning, it's not a good idea to sell something that you actually need, only to have to replace it next week for triple what you sold it for.