Jobs for secondary school students

Jobs for middle school students - (figure 1) while the rate of employment for white, asian and hispanic college students followed the general pattern (rising slightly after 2009 without fully rebounding), and declined in 2015, employment for black students followed a different pattern (increasing after 2009, and even surpassing its 2007 level in 2015). Youth (ages 16-18) who lack a high school diploma and are not enrolled in school (about 30 percent of all “early high school leavers”) may be an important subgroup to reach with programs intended to boost economic self-sufficiency. High school dropouts were less likely to have ever held a job than were youth with more education, and more of the jobs held by dropouts were likely to end in one year or less. The evidence for the value of employment for students (particularly high school students) is mixed—particularly when long work-hours are involved—this review is restricted to those programs and strategies aimed primarily at out-of-school youth.

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