Linear income and residual income

Roi and residual income - Stock market robo-advisors like betterment, peer-to-peer lending options like upstart, and online real estate investment platforms like fundrise have made the ability to earn residual income available to virtually anyone with a computer and ,000 in savings - giving you the opportunity to be the next john gray¹. While your residual income streams may not initially match the wages earned from your work income, over time they can built up to the point that they eventually replace the need to work. Savvy use of ,500 in savings created a source of residual income that meant both gray and his family could have arguably lived comfortably without ever having to work another day in their lives. Residual Income Is Smart Money - And Ways You Can Earn ItReview of accounting studiesjune 2001, volume 6, issue 2–3,Pp 229–265when capital follows profitability: non-linear residual income dynamicsauthorsauthors and affiliationsgary c.