Looking for a job out of college

Looking for a job after college - This year's college graduates are facing a tough job market (and the smart ones are facing it now, rather than waiting until after graduation), they have an advantage over other job seekers, according to andy chan, vice president of career development at wake forest university: they are among the age group most likely to be hired in the coming months. But dan schawbel, forbes contributor and founder of millennial branding, a one-man research and consulting firm that focuses on so-called millennials or generation y, aged 18-29, the new generation of college students needs to get mobilized much earlier than spring of senior year. : 4 steps to building your future, says students should take action as early as high school, if they are going to map out a promising track to getting a job straight out of college. Insists that the old-fashioned idea of spending your time at college exploring intellectual pursuits and putting off entry into the real world of work is no longer relevant.

The Secret to Getting a Job After College

Parents are concerned that after all the hard work/money that has been spent on their child's education that the soon to be or ...