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Help with money for college - Need of helpmy name is dwayne maple sir im 47 and ive been working a my life aince 14 sir i acquired cancer august 13th 2011 i'm now on disability which doesn't pay not even a third of 1/3 to me to support my family i have 3 kids and wife i have worked hard all my life my life has been turned around upside down since i acquired cancer and now also have diabetes my dream was always to own my own restaurant to help other people to give jobs to change lives to make people's palates and their stomachs happy but you know that was all slow down to a halt august 11th 2013 i truly wish i could get help from someone i don't know how this is going to go with you butt i truly hope that you can help someone like me out i know those thousands and thousands and thousands of others out here needs help and i am just one amongst all of them but i pray and hope to god that you could help a fellow like me out i'm a hard-working man always have been always will be i'm still trying to work now you know some days i can't even barely stand and walk no eat nor think i'm taking 21 meds a day 4 needles a day so you can imagine what my day is like i would hope you could pretty pretty hectic i just wish someone out here will help me get close to my dreams have portfolios i have financial visions i'm trying to get a couple investors help me out with that but i can't seem to get any i'm going to town where there is just too many restaurants but i know if i open up a restaurant i could pull a lot of people to my place i'm a great cook and chef i can cook anything i can do anything i'm trying to get the cup investors tell me out with that but i can't seem to get any i'm going to town where there is just too many restaurants but i know if i open it restaurant i could pull a lot of people to my place i'm a great cook i can cook anything i can do anything on demandif u can sir plz help me achieve a dream and make lives more simple and easier for others thank you for your time and listening godspeed's god's blessings to you[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. Help to get somewherei well tell u why i am asking for help cause i don't like to ask but it is very important to me that is why i am asking but first i well tell u why i am asking 2011 my dad passes away, than 6 months later my brother passes away, than in aug of 2012 i got told i had stage 3 cancer thought i was going to die in the hospital a lot could not do nothing for 7 months than every day after that i started to feel better than in april of 2013 i when back to work but on a doc note and still under there care so after that i thought it is going to be better but boy was i wrong on may 5th 2013 at 12;48 am my son took his own life on was on the phone when the gun when off and his girlfriend never told me had a gun i could not get help for him cause i didn't no (if any one has a child that takes there own life please don't go like at him or her i did wish i would of not)than 11 months late my husband files for a divorce and i work only 35 to 40 hours every two weeks so i had to sale much of my stuff to live so now i don't have no money and my daughter is getting married this year 2015 sept 6th she lives in grand junction co i don't have no more to get out there no money for a motel and i could not drive if i wanted to my blazer has hardly to no brakes and i cant even buy a mother of bride dress so that is why i am asking for your help even a little bit would help i would be happy with what ever u gave me but if u don't wnt to or cant i understand and there is people other people that are worst off than me but i thought i would ask and there is only 6 weeks till the wedding so i am sure that is to late to ask for help thank you for taking time reading this sorry so long god bless karen 07 23 2015[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. My name is beatrice calais i am 45 years old i live alone i am writing to see if i can get someone to help me fix my old 1998 chrysler sebring the mirrors are broken on each side of the door i have them wrapped with black tape to keep them up it rains on both side of the windows or leaking really bad the water is on the floors in the back of my car the motor is leaking there is a lot of things wrong with it i am an amputee i had my leg cut off three years ago so i wear afalse leg i live only my monthly income is seven hundred and thirty five dollars by the time i'm finished paying my bills i have nothing left to fix my car if i am bothering you in any kind of way please forgive me i am a very godly person i don't believe in using people if i have a penny left to my name and you need it you would be the first to get it i am not trying to suck anything out of your life at all i'm asking someone for help i know you have been approach before 4 things maybe some people might not even need and if you think that i am like them please forgive me with everything in my heart i am not i have a disease called peripheral artery disease where my blood makes blood clif i can work i would before i became this way i was a general manager and i love my job i try my best not to ask for help if i don't need it because i know there's people out there that needs help also if i said anything to you or bother you in any kind of way please forgive me thank you for listening even if you do not read this god loves you and so do i you have a blessed day thank you[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. Anyway when i found out about her me and my husband both had good paying jobs but we both lost them on count of the way gas went up so high the people my husband worked for couldnt afford the fuel to operate the logging bussiness anymore so they sold out and closed down without any warning and in order for me to get my little girl i had to give up my parttime job to take care of her so i did and social services said they cant help me out with any thing until she becomes mine ive always been the type of person to help anyone any way that i could even if its just by sitting in the hospital by there bedside because they didnt want to be there alone i never figured i would be the one to have to ask or beg for help but here i am so please if anyone out there can help me please help i dont want to lose this little girl because she is everything to me i couldnt have any children of my own and thats why she is my angel sent to me from god and i couldnt love her anymore than i do right now if i had given birth to her you can call me at this number if you would like 919-488-0483 or my adress is mary sue hair po box 175 linden nc 28356 i need about 10,000 to help remodle my trailer my floors have weak places in them and i would like to build my baby a bedroom of her own god bless you all[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ].

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