Looking for part time employees

Looking for part time employees - With that in mind, here are the 10 sites i recommend checking out, whether you're looking for a challenging part-time gig, a seasonal job or just an easy way to supplement your retirement income:Flexjobs is fastidious about checking the legitimacy of its listings before posting. Want to work part-time: flexjobs found that millennials, the largest generation in the workforce and vocal proponents of work flexibility, want to work part-time so they can spend quality time with loved ones (55 percent), pursue a creative passion (39 percent), and travel (38 percent). List below represents the companies that had posted the highest numbers of part-time “any level of telecommuting” jobs during that time period, which means their jobs all offered part-time hours and the ability to work remotely at least some of the time. .edu/publication/involuntary-part-time credit carsey school of public policy new research from the carsey school of public policy at unh shows the number of part-time employees who want to be working full-time has still not returned to pre-recession levels.

The Benefits of Part-Time Employees and Job Shares

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