Losing money in forex

Money in one hour - Article is spot on, alot of people like to dabble in the market, and they lose because of lack of knowledge, and in financial trading what you dont know will hurt you, i have personally been part of the 95% of the losing traders in my first year of trading in 2013 and lost alot of money because i was naive and didnt follow my strategy correctly everytime and had bad risk managment and also unrealistic expectations. A trader and investor for over 20 years i have to say this is one of the best articles i have read in a long time… i love the explanation of why managers never outperform the market… (because they are the market)… i have a dividend growth portfolio and i also day trade (scalp if you will) i have been making money for the past several years scalping by playing gaps. It was likely the “big money” (that has to trade) that got the trend started and will likely be the first out, this small percentage of traders with the biggest pockets is likely to stay in the winners circle, even if that means making market average returns. The problem is that the market does not generally reverse lower until the funds/investors are all in, and it doesn't move significantly higher until money has been pulled out of the market and most funds/investors are holding lots of cash to reinvest.

Five Reasons Why 95% Of FOREX Traders Lose Money

Daniel Ang from Traders Academy International talks about the 5 reasons why 95% of FOREX Traders Lose Money. If you are ...