Make money doing research studies

Make money from research studies - 'd done one before, the summer before i went to grad school, when i was paid 0 by a tobacco research company in richmond, virginia (the home of phillip morris) to sit in a lab for 8 hours monday through friday and, deprived of nicotine, take tests every 30 minutes to determine how badly i craved smoke. At the end of the year, a local writer friend asked me to come to an undergraduate class she was teaching on “freelance…Followsign in / sign upi paid the bills by participating in medical studiesby elliott sharplast year was my first full year attempting to be a freelance music journalist. Volunteering for strictly regulated and ethical approved studies can be an excellent way to help to pay educational costs, supplement your income while working, or fund your travels while spending time in foreign countries. ” i told them i had the number to the research center saved in my cell phone, and that if any of them wanted it, i was happy to share my contact.


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