Make money on app store

Making money on the app store - We were lucky enough (or had planned cleverly enough) to have the names of two incredibly popular apple products in the name of our magazine, which gave us a head start: when you searched for "ipad magazine" on the app store, for example, our app appeared prominently. It's very clear from the name and masthead of the magazine what we were about - always bear in mind that users are going to see a lot of apps on the store, and assume that they will give your app only the very briefest of glances. Copycats will damage the prospects of a successful app - some users will be confused and buy the alternative by mistake, while others will choose to go for the clone because it's cheaper (most clones are free, and aim to make their money back through in-app purchases). "it's a bit of a corporate-sounding word, but one mistake we see people making on the app store and other open-ended stores like steam is they price the game too low right from the start and then find they don't really have many options for promotion.

How Much Money Can You Make From Selling Apps On The App Store?

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