Make money on social networks

Make money with social network - Example, if you post a lot about health and fitness on social media and receive a lot of engagement or positive responses from others, you may want to sign up for the affiliate program for your favorite protein shake and recommend it to others so you can earn a commission if they purchase the product. With that being said, i've found out about a lot of great products and services via social media so if you do choose to promote affiliate products, realize that many of your followers probably won't buy but the larger your following is, the more likely you are to make a sale. Making money on social media can take on so many forms, here's a list of proactive things you can do to start making money on social media:Sign up for a free izea account and connect your existing social media accounts. It's a bit mind blowing all the ways you can earn money from the comfort of your own home and even more mind blowing that you can earn money for just being yourself…………kind of a dream job, right?


Everything I know about making money on social media and even some tips on building an audience are in this video. Social ...