Make money online as a college student

Make money as college student - I think in college you really find out how important it is to meet people and network, i made some money doing freelance work for a production company simply because i made friends with a guy whose dad owned the company. . reinvest in your business – finally, if you want to continue to make money beyond college, and setup multiple income streams for the future, you should always reinvest some of the profits into your business to make yourself more profitable. While this won't typically earn you money (although some clever college entrepreneurs have figured out a way to profit selling used textbooks), it is a great way to get some money back for the books you bought each semester. For those of you who are not afraid to get down and dirty, here are some old, but tested and true money making ideas that college kids and even high school kids use to earn some cash.

How to Make Money in College: Online & in Dorms!

How to Make Money if you're in College if you live off campus or in the Dorms. My video for high schoolers has led me to create ...