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Make money online step by step - Teaches proven strategies for increasing conversions across your entire business details various split testing and data gathering methods and when to use each one unveils a holistic approach to conversion rate optimization, using technology to create a more customer-centric experience that not only increases conversions, but also improves customer engagement and satisfaction with guidance from convert every click, you'll learn how to boost conversions and consumption across your entire business by maximizing every bit of your hard-earned traffic before, during, and after a sale. Out of 5 starsnot entirely useless, but you can get more value from a decent blogbywton june 20, 2015format: kindle edition|verified purchaseif you run a small internet business, have never read any books or blogs on conversion rate optimization (cro) and have very little knowledge about online marketing, you'll probably get value from this book. , with so much change in the world today, and a nearly-instantaneous access to the globe's population through mediums such as social media and online search, many people are still left perplexed by how they can utilize the powerful technology inherently available through the internet, to actually make money online. Out of 5 starsthis book may not be what you want, but it could be what you needi would like to start this out by saying the value you will get from convert every click depends on what you're looking for, and that's why i graded it a 3 out of 5.

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