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Post ads and make money - By the way her name is lakesha greene she works out of skype with the people she gets to post these ads and the one that got me to join is cofie fergie ( as known on face book her real name is alice fergison to make a long story short don`t fall for this scam sure they will pay you at first through western union or moneygram at walmart but then they make excuses why your pay is not there then ignore your messages and you will not get the money that is owed to you. Its impossable to go to work rite now, its almost impossable to work on the computer, but everyday i get up at five in the morning and write my blog and really try hard to find every way possable to make money online without being scammed…well now that i know the in's and out's im on the rite track, and since im new to blogging i ran across the whole idea of guest blogging…since our lives are so similar i thought we could try and work together. Now a days everyday i open the laptop and search for online business today i came to your searching for online business but you make me scared boonie told a right thing we should make one place where all the stayed home mother can share their experience and do little help with each other please contact me also i also need a guidance in blogging thanks alexa and boonie. Know you would disagree on honest opinions,,,i agree cause i have experience,,,right now i work for a post ads company,,,i make tons of money,,,,it's much easier using a software to post ads for you in 600 cities,,,and create a squeeze page and capture leads,,,,,posting ads is fun and very easy to do,,,,alexa you have to give it another try.

How to Make Money Online Posting Ads for Companies

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