Make money selling used books

Make money using internet - .I often see great books selling on ebay that go for much less than they are worth because the seller didn't describe it correctly or used the wrong keywords in the title or had the auction end in the middle of the night when no one was awake. When i work with my scanner and there's someone else shopping near me who wants to read books, i feel that my energy is all wrong—high-pitched, focused narrowly in the present, and jealous. Good books are the “how to draw” or how to paint” instructional books, children's pop-up books (only in perfect condition) and hardcover books about crafts such as woodworking, quilting crocheting and so on. Great way to find books to sell is to place a small classified ad in your local paper that says:Local dealer will pay top dollar for used non-fiction books in good condition.

Selling Books on Amazon - How I Turned into 0 With Used Books

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