Make money with wordpress themes

Make money with wordpress - Point being, if the theme designers just leave all the ‘plugin stuff' to those guys who build plugins their themes will work just long enough for you to go live and then one of the gazillion plugins your have crammed into your site blows up your theme and your clients think you don't know how to build a website…. – you have to assume that a certain amount of people who use your themes will know how to make changes to the code and want to in order to further customize it, and that not all who know to do this would know to make changes to a child theme of the current template…. Users who are asking for those options may not be aware of the plugins available, how easy they are to install, and how big of a pain in the butt it would be if they switched themes and had to go through all of their content again to re-input seo info. First you'll need an account, then you'll be able to add your advertisement sizes to your adsense account, copy the code for the ad you created, and paste that code into your wordpress theme (if there are advertisement areas already setup then this last step is super easy).

15 Ways to make money with WordPress in 2017 | Online business: freelancers, designers, developers

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