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Quick money making schemes - The work we did more recently, we talked about how over the long term we have to think about whether the property tax and the land transfer tax are sufficient to meet the growing expenditure needs of a large city like toronto, and we concluded that they aren't enough. If you look at how much money they raise, which is somewhere in the 0-million- to 0-million-a-year range, that's a starting point but the gap on the operating side annually is far larger than that, and the gap on the capital side is extremely large. Biggest problem here is that the major source of revenue for cities in canada like toronto is the property tax, and the city has made a commitment to only raise property tax by the rate of inflation or less than the rate of inflation. , it's illegal to sell sperm or eggs in canada, therefore there's no way you can get 20k by going to a lab(you can still be kind and donate them for those couples in need, just not for money).

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