Make your own vending machine

Build your own vending machine - Machines are a great business in that you can start with one machine and use the profits from that first case of gumballs to roll back into the business and it will pay for itself as you grow the number of vending locations that you offer. If you are locating your machine in a questionable location, a simple and cost-effective solution would be to wrap a chain around the base of the machine and chain it to a fixture within the store. The video below, craftingeek offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to build this adorable vending machine using only cardboard, glue, and a toilet paper tube:For more unusual craft ideas, check out craftingeek's youtube channel. The location attracts older individuals, a soda and snack machine (just be sure you have access to an electrical outlet) is a great choice, or stock your vending machines with chiclet gum, mints or nuts.

How to make Pepsi Vending Machine

Homemade Cardboard Vending Machine that gives a bottle of Pepsi. This realistic vending machine is made at home using ...