Making a living from online poker

Make a living online poker - I have pursued other endeavors (an undergraduate degree, writing a book and various columns, pursuing an acting career, consulting a few online startups, traveling to 45 countries, among other things), but poker was basically my main source of income in terms of net hours as well as absolute dollar terms. It was really fascinating, and a ,000 per year job in a cubicle didn't seem appealing when i was making multiple hundred dollars per hour playing online poker in my pajamas from my apartment in between episodes of entourage and happy hour with pals. Many poker pros have essentially sought the industry as refuge from the harrowing, unforgiving, and somewhat disgusting work culture in corporate america, and abroad too, and are more or less demanding to take control of their life and live by their own terms. You have been making an hour in - nlh over a long period of time, and your goal is to make ,000 per year playing poker, that means you'll need to put in an average of 48 hours per week.

Business plan of an online poker player

How much money do you expect to make next month? How many days do you have to play to hit your profit target? When are you ...